Regal Electronics Tackles EMI/RFI Suppression and Noise Problems with Expanded Line of Shielded HDMI, Mini-Din and RJ-45 Connectors with EMI/RFI Gasket

Sunnyvale, CA — Regal Electronics has expanded its line of specialty EMI/RFI suppression connectors with the addition of a HDMI connector.  The new HDMI connector is shielded and features an EMI/RFI suppression gasket based on Regal’s patented RJ-45 connector.  With the new connector, Regal now offers a complete line of single and multi-port RJ-45, mini-din, and HDMI connectors that employ Regal’s unique combination of shielding and EMI/RFI suppression technology.

According to Regal Executive Vice President, Dr. William Kunz, “Given today’s high speed clock and data rates, a manufacturer might not be meeting EMI/RFI compliance requirements on an enclosure because it is ‘leaking’ RF through openings needed by various types and sizes of connectors.  A typical approach to solving the problem might range from completely redesigning the circuit at the board level — a very expensive and lengthy proposition — to suppressing the ‘leaks’ at the enclosure interface by using specially designed Regal EMI/RFI suppression connectors.  Swapping in Regal’s suppression connectors is much faster and a lot less costly than a complete redesign, especially late in the manufacturing cycle.”

All of Regal’s specialty EMI/RFI suppression HDMI, mini-din and RJ-45 connectors are available RoHS compliant.

About Regal Electronics, Inc.
Since 1976, Regal has manufactured quality electronic components, speakers, connectors, and a wide variety of related products and services from its operations in the United States, China and Taiwan.  Engineering support for Regal Electronics, Inc. line of products is located at its Sunnyvale, California, headquarters.