PC Mount Speakers

Regal Electronics has a great selection of PC Mount speakers with a low profile format well suited for limited space requirements in thru-hole applications. Key features of these PC Mount speakers include a low profile format, installation ready, and some models come with wash protection. PC Mount speakers are used on printed circuit boards, in modems, sound cards, alarms, and printers.

Samples are available upon request.  Contact us for your standard or custom speaker needs.

Features:  PC Mount Speakers

  • Diameters of 23-28 mm
  • Profiles as low as 5.8 mm
  • SPL 80-95 dB
  • Mylar cones
  • Rated Input power is from 0.1W to 1.0W
  • Our PC Mount speakers range from 23mm to 28mm in diameter, and come in a wide variety of input power, resonant frequencies, impedance, and sound pressure levels.