EMI-RFI Solutions

Most emission problems crop up in testing, after a circuit or system has been designed. Emission problems generally fall into two broad categories:

  • Conducted (through wires and/or PC traces)
  • Radiated ( through holes or ports in an enclosure)



Connectors with shields

The top three connector configurations for reducing emissions are: Connectors with shields: where a connector is enclosed in a metal shield in order to block spurious emissions. The shield is typically soldered to electrical ground which also helps. When a connector protrudes through an enclosure opening, the shield may have tabs to make contact with the enclosure, thereby reducing spurious emissions as well.


Regal offers both filters (left) and EMI/RFI gasket(right)

Connectors with shields and filters: where the wires leading into/out of a connector are passed through a solid ferrite plate(filter) in order to reduce emissions. Ferrite filters are usually used in conjunction with other suppression methods such as shielding. Capacitors in parallel with feed circuits and inductors in line with feed circuits are also used in some instances.

Connectors with shields and conductive gaskets: where a conductive gasket is physically attached to a metal shielded connector. The gasket makes full contact with a panel enclosure and provides the tightest and most complete to prevent “leaking” of spurious emissions through enclosure openings. This alternative may also be used with various filtering options as well.


How Regal can help you solve your EMI/RFI emission problem?

Regal engineers have a broad range of EMI/RFI experience working with design engineers and testing labs. Chances are, Regal has solved an EMI/RFI problem similar to yours. Call our email us.

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Emissions can “leak” between tabs and an enclosure panel

Once the problem is understood, Regal will recommend alternative solutions. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, a number of alternative connector configurations might solve the problem. Regal can supply various connector types and configurations for you to test in your actual circuit and see what solves the problem. In-circuit testing is the only reliable way to determine if a particular connector type or configuration will solve your EMI/RFI problem. To learn more about EMI/RFI causes and solutions click here to go to the Regal article How to Solve Emission Problems with EMI/RFI Suppressing Connectors.





EMI/RFI emission reducing connectors and components available through Regal Electronics

Connector Type Filter (Type) EMI/RFI Gasket
Cat 5e RJ-45 connectors: 1-8 port Yes (Ferrite) Yes
Cat 3 RJ-45 connectors: 1-8 port Yes (Ferrite) Yes
Vertical Mount RJ-45 No Yes
D-sub right angle connectors Yes (Ferrite) No
Mini-din right angle connectors Yes (Ferrite) Yes
BNC connectors Yes (Capacitor) No
Snap-on cable filters Yes (Ferrite) No
CAT 5e In-Line Coupler * Note: This coupler is being included in this section because of its popularity for feed through/panel applications.  It is particularly popular with test labs as an easy to use interface for getting signals in and out of controlled testing environments.  Meets category 5e requirements specified in EIA/TIA-568-B.