Product Testing

Regal Conducts Quality Assurance Testing for its Connector and Speaker Products at its Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.

Performance testing and specification verification of Regal’s connector and speaker products is conducted at Regal’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.   The in-house testing capability is part of Regal’s quality assurance program. Designers and engineers can also request performance and specification data for Regal speakers and connectors as part of a design evaluation and ordering process.

An actual printout of a RF noise test with one of Regal’s 152/155 series RJ-45 connectors with an optional ferrit-filter noise suppression plate. The inset shows part of Regal’s EMI/RFI testing facility.


Regal 152 & 155 Series with 1.30mm Ferrite Filter for Data and Light Duty Telco Application


An actual SPL vs. Frequency test curve for Regal’s RSH-36-E-8 speaker.  The inset shows  part of Regal’s sound testing facility.


SPL vs. Freq