Miniature High Power Speakers

Regal Electronics offers a wide range of sizes of miniature high power speakers with some of the best characteristics in the industry. Key features of these miniature high power speakers are high power capability, low profile format, and great sensitivity ranges. Miniature high power speakers are used in medical applications, notebook computers, modems, personal assistant devices, printers, and consumer electronics. In addition to our stocked speakers, we can also design and manufacture custom speaker assemblies with wires and connectors attached for easy installation.

Samples are available upon request.  Contact us for your standard or custom speaker needs.

Features:  Miniature High Power Speakers

  • Diameters of 15-45 mm
  • Profiles as low as 2.8 mm
  • SPL 85-93 dB
  • Mylar cones
  • Rated Input power is from 0.3W to 4.0W
  • Our miniature high power speakers range from 15mm to 45mm in diameter, and come in a wide variety of input power, resonant frequencies, impedance, and sound pressure levels.