Regal Electronics Introduces “Space Saver” PC Board Edge-Mounted BNC Connector

Regal Electronics Introduces “Space Saver”
PC Board Edge-Mounted BNC Connectors

Sunnyvale, CA — Regal Electronics has introduced a “Space-Saver” BNC connector that mounts on the edge of a printed circuit board.   In addition to a low profile advantage in applications with tight vertical constraints, the Regal’s new Space-Saver connector also reduces the twisting stress on solder joints inherent in BNC connector mating.   A “notch” in the new  connector slips over the edge of a PC board prior to soldering, forming a tight mechanical fit that transfers the majority of the rotational energy to the PC board instead of more vulnerable solder joints.

Another advantage of Regal’s Space-Saver BNC edge mounted design is that the center pin and connector body are soldered directly to a PC board, minimizing the “antenna effect” caused by typical elevated mounting approaches and associated EMI/RFI problems at higher frequency ranges.

The new Regal “Space-Saver” BNC connector has a 75 ohm impedance and is rated to 4 Ghz.  The new connectors are available for prototype applications through  Regal’s “Quick Ship” program:  Orders in by 4:00PM are shipped out the same day, as are the majority of Regal’s connector, speaker and related components.